About Us

About Us.

We are BillCo. Short for “The Billing Company”. We are the specialist in Dental billing! Other services we provide include insurance verification, account receivables, and dental scheduling. Our main objective is to provide exemplary dental solutions with profitable results for our clients!
At BillCo. We understand the value and significance of the billing department within dental practices. We are the specialists that will be attentive for maximum efficiency and best practices in our client’s dental office.

Our Commitment

At BillCo. we take the dental practice concerns and replace these concerns with dental solutions! We are the experts that will help produce peace, clarity, and confidence within our client’s dental practices.

Our Leadership

At BillCo. we strive to lead our clients with honesty, integrity, and innovation as we manage their dental billing needs.

John C. Maxwell said it best ‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

At BillCo. this will be our contribution of leadership to our clients and their team!