Dental Billing

Resolve your accounts receivable problems with our best value dental insurance billing system.
Our dental billing service includes both Dental Insurance Billing Service and Patient Billing Service. Our main goal is to help your office receive all the insurance money that is owed to you.
Features of the BillCo. Dental Billing Service

Guarantee all Primary & Secondary claims are submitted daily

All dental insurance billing claims for primary and secondary claims are sent electronically, each day. Preauthorization’s will be dispatched to insurance companies when requested. At BillCo. we utilize your current practice management system. If your office is currently sending paper claims, we will help you in setting up an electronic claims system. Every claim is evaluated before it is delivered to an insurance company to guarantee that the claim will not be rejected over a minor error, which on average happens 3-4 times per week in nearly all dental offices

EOBs Published Daily

All insurance payments and insurance contract adjustments are posted to the patient records correctly and timely – within 24 hours after the EOB is scanned by your office. At BillCo. we suggest depositing the checks the next day, guaranteeing that our daily deposits balance with what is posted daily.

Maintain outstanding claims report.

We will ensure all claims are closed out at the appropriate time. If a claim is rejected, we will immediately investigate the cause and appeal the claim if it is appealable. This attention to detail ensures that we collect as quickly as possible the outstanding balances owed to your dental office.

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